My two favorites


My two favorite sayings

1. If you choose to be like someone else .. it is in that moment you lose yourself ❤️

The Flower does not think about the flower next to it …it just blooms …❤️

2. If you judge a fish by the way it climbs a tree, it will feel stupid it’s entire life. But if you tell him how awesome it is at swimming it will become the most awesome fish you could ever imagine ❤️


Inspiration of the day 8/12/19

We need to be at peace with our past, content with our present and sure about our future. We need to know that it is all in gods hands. We need to be stable, rooted and grounded in the love of God. When we become rooted and grounded in the love of Jesus Christ, we can be relaxed and at ease.

Blessings and beliefs 8/10/19

❤️What I have learned today is…

The sun is a daily reminder that we too can rise again from the darkness, that we too can shine our own light.

~ Sara Ajna

❤️What I know for sure is…

Every one wants to feel accepted and loved. No one is an exception. Wake up each day and look for the good in it , Pray for the bad and keep your hope by building your faith in Jesus Christ. . And remember, no matter what your dream is … you CAN do it !

❤️What I am grateful for today is..

1. Options in life .

2. Grace from god

3. The knowledge to know when it’s enough.

Blessings and beliefs 8/9/19

❤️What I have learned today is..

Sometimes you your heart caves and you don’t realize it …

Be nice to everyone cuz you never know who needs to hear a kind word .

❤️What I know for sure …

There isn’t anything like coming home after a long day .

❤️What I am grateful for today is…

1. A place to live

2. Good friends to laugh with

3. A business where I can make my own hours and have the ability to meet new people.

Inspiration of the day 8/9/19

God is a God of mercy, and forgiveness is very important to him. He tells us repeatedly in the Bible that if we want mercy, then we have to give Mercy.

God will forgive us many times for the things we have done wrong. We go about life and choose not to forgive people that have hurt us or done us wrong.

This is not the right thing. We freely accept his mercy yet it is surprising how we can be towards others. Aim to forgive others as quickly as often, and as generously as God forgives you.❤️